Who are we?

Sustainable shield

Sustainable Shield is a unique organization founded by students in SCIE. We believe that we all have a responsibility to create and maintain a sustainable environment. We take a proactive approach in achieving this goal, constantly looking for innovative ways to promote sustainability in our communities. Our vision is to cultivate an environment where all living beings are in harmony with one another without depleting natural resources. We believe small actions can make big changes, and we’re dedicated to empowering others to take a more sustainable lifestyle.

Inspirational Resources

Our organization fosters a community of knowledge and action. It allows members and visitors to share and read insightful articles related to environmental health and sustainability. By contributing to our collection of articles and resources, you’re helping to spread awareness, educate others, and inspire change; therefore, we highly encourage you to contribute to our articles sharing section.

Collaborative Spirit

Our organization emphasizes teamwork skills and strongly encourage individuals to contribute their expertise, creativity, and passion. By engaging in our environmental activities, we leverage our combined strengths to tackle environmental issues more effectively. This collaborative spirit not only enriches our initiatives but also strengthens our community, propelling us towards our goal of a healthier planet.

Community Engagement

Our organization works closely with

the local environment to implement environmental health projects. This includes clean-up drives, recycling programs, and community gardens. Engaging the community helps in fostering a sense of responsibility

towards the environment and

promotes public health.

Our Team

Eric Ma


Jack Zhong


Selina Zhong


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